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Many people are putting their smile at risk each day unknowingly. With proper care, your teeth can stay healthy and strong by avoiding these five bad habits that will hurt your teeth.

These five habits include:

1. Your teeth are not tools: We have all done it. Many people use their teeth to open things, pull things, or hold things. This can be harmful because your teeth were not meant to engage in that kind of action. These actions over time will cause chipping or fractures in your teeth and lead to serious damage and costly medical care.
2. Chewing or sucking on hard foods can damage your teeth: Chewing on hard items such as ice, can weaken, chip, and break your teeth, which is why chewing on hard items is risky. Sucking on candy can also be dangerous because of the sugary sweets sticking to your teeth, weakening your enamel causing cavities and tooth decay.
3. Stop grinding your teeth at night: There are many reasons people grind their teeth. Stress is a common factor with many. However, this can wear your teeth down and cause jaw pain and costly damage. That is why it is always recommended to talk to your dentist about a night guard if you suffer from grinding your teeth.
4. Be mindful of your toothbrush:Using a soft-bristled toothbrush can keep your gums healthy and your teeth clean. It is also important to remember to change your toothbrush every few months to keep your smile clean. Holding on to the same toothbrush for too long will spread bacteria and germs into your mouth. So, replace your toothbrush frequently.
5. Remember to floss: Flossing is the key when it comes to real oral health. To many people forget to floss or do not include that in their daily routine resulting in plaque buildup between your teeth, gum disease, and severe tooth-decay.

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