To prepare for dentures, Dr. Ernesto Prida may perform alveoloplasty in McKinney, TX. Alveoloplasty is a surgical procedure that smoothes your jawbone. Our dentist may perform this procedure when your teeth have been extracted or lost. Alveoloplasty is sometimes done at the same time that the teeth are extracted. Where a tooth is lost, there is a hole in the jawbone. When your gums heal, this could result in high or low spots on your jawbone. This unevenness can make it hard for a denture to fit correctly. Dentures can rub against uneven bone and cause sore spots. Alveoloplasty will smooth and even out your jawbone.

Our dentist may decide to make a model of your jaw before surgery to determine how much bone should be removed. Impressions are taken of your teeth and jaw to make the model. Our dentist will grind down the cast in places where bone will be removed. A clear stent of the model is then made that our dentist will use during surgery to make sure that the right amount of bone is removed. After surgery, the area will be sore for about a week. Take painkillers as prescribed by our dentist and follow any other instructions he gives to make your recovery period as pleasant as possible.

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