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You probably already know that keeping up on oral hygiene is vital for your oral health, but do you know what oral hygiene involves? Oral hygiene is simple and quite easy, but it requires dedication. To help you have a top-notch oral hygiene routine so you can have a top-notch smile, Dr. Ernesto Prida and our dental team are happy to share some facts with you.

Our first fact is you need to brush your teeth twice a day. As you brush, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. It’s best to scrub for two minutes each time and make sure to thoroughly clean each chomper. It’s also important to floss daily. When flossing, be gentle along the gumline. If possible, rinse your mouth daily with beneficial mouthwash after you’ve brushed and flossed.

Our second fact is you need to visit Stone Lodge Dental every six months for a routine cleaning and exam. This appointment is vital because it helps you prevent major dental issues by completely removing the bacteria from your smile that promote tooth decay and gum disease.

Our third fact is you need to strengthen your teeth with fluoride regularly. This is recommended because fluoride can prevent enamel erosion as well as tooth decay. To expose your teeth to fluoride, you can brush with fluoride toothpaste, receive a professional fluoride treatment at our office, and drink water from the tap.

To learn more about oral hygiene in McKinney, Texas, please reach out to our dental team at Stone Lodge Dental at your earliest convenience. When you call 214-613-1500, we will be happy to talk with you and give you more information so you can have the strong, healthy, and beautiful smile you deserve!