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Your Toothache Can Signal Bigger Problems

Are you experiencing tooth sensitivity or pain when eating, drinking or biting? In most cases, a toothache signals that an infection has invaded your inner tooth, damaging the pulp inside the tooth root. Infection is often caused by a severe tooth crack, severe tooth decay or injury. If left untreated, the infection can worsen and lead to a tooth abscess.  Even worse, it can spread to your jawbone and other parts of your body, which can seriously impact your overall health. An extensive infection may even require a tooth extraction, which is known to cause bone loss. However, with prompt treatment by an experienced dentist like Dr. Ernesto Prida, you can get rid of your toothache and save your tooth!

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Root Canals Offer You An Effective Solution

Dr. Ernesto Prida at Stonelodge Dental has extensive training and years of experience performing complex root canal procedures in McKinney, TX. In a root canal procedure, the dangerous infection will be removed from the inside of your tooth before it worsens and spreads to other parts of your mouth. It’s always better to treat a toothache before it worsens and possibly becomes severe. Don’t delay: If you are suffering from dental anxiety, there is no need to worry. We offer an array of sedation dentistry services to ensure you are relaxed throughout your procedure. We offer root canals in McKinney, TX for even the most complex cases to get rid of your tooth pain and save your tooth from extraction.

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How Root Canals Can Help You

When the pulp inside your tooth gets infected, it is important for the infection inside the canal to be removed, along with any harmful bacteria. This can save your tooth, and ultimately your overall health. At Stonelodge Dental in McKinney, TX, Dr. Prida will ensure that you are comfortable throughout your root canal procedure. First, he will numb the area with a local anesthetic, ensuring that you won’t feel any pain. You can expect some pressure, which is completely normal, but many of our patients are surprised at how quickly and comfortably the procedure is performed!

We’ll go inside your tooth through the pulp chamber and remove all of the infection, bacteria and damaged pulp. Next, we’ll thoroughly clean the canals and fill them with a sterile, rubberlike material, which seals the canal and stops bacteria from infiltrating the area. During the same visit, Dr. Prida will place a temporary crown on the tooth, giving you the full function of your tooth. As soon as it is ready, a permanent crown will be placed, so your tooth will stay strong for years to come!


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Root Canal or Dental Implant? Which Choice is Right For Me?

Signs You May Need A Root Canal

Benefiting From Root Canal Therapy

After your root canal procedure is complete, you’ll feel completely relieved of constant tooth pain, and you’ll also enjoy the full function of your tooth. We’ll go over the necessary instructions on how to care for your tooth following your root canal, so your recovery will be speedy. To keep your tooth in the best shape, it’s also important to practice good dental hygiene and receive regular dental care. 

Below are the top benefits of root canal therapy:

Root Canal Cost

At Stonelodge Dental, we want you to receive the excellent dental care you deserve! Our team works closely with the major insurance companies, and we will even file your claim on your behalf. We also partner with an array of lenders and offer in-house financing, so you can receive your root canal without the financial burden.

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