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"I Wanted The Perfect Smile For Myself And My Orthodontics Treatment Gave That To Me"

Hi, my name is Oscar. I got some Ortho done here at Stonelodge Dental. In high school, I was supposed to get braces early on and what happened was, not all my baby teeth were out yet. All my canines still haven’t come in. With all that happening, I couldn’t get braces. We had to go through a whole procedure on how to get those canines out and loosen those baby teeth as well.

He cares about you, he cares about the experience, and then you as a person not you as a patient.

Before After

Dr. Omar Betancourt:

First time I met Oscar, he present here at Stonelodge Dental with some mal-aligned teeth, then the presence still of the baby canines, in the top, and the bottom. So we decide to remove them. The permanent canines were impacted into the bone. He decided to go with the braces route.


I don’t even think it was a question at this point because everyone gets braces, that is the thing to do to get the perfect smile and it was something that I wanted and needed. It wasn’t a question of if or whats. I needed to obtain the perfect smile, not only because of my future or the jobs, or whatever. But for my own sake.

Dr. Omar Betancourt:

Something that we notice with Oscar, he was a little bit nervous regarding the process of this treatment, but here at Stonelodge Dental using our technology, we guide him through the treatment in a very nice way. For us, something very important is patient management and that’s our first top priority.


He cares about you, he cares about the experience, and then you as a person not you as a patient. He knows about my family, he knows all that. Because not only did I come here, my brother came here, and then my dad came here. So, it’s not a one-time thing; those connections do grow. And then, I got to know him as a person, and he got to know me as a person.

Dr. Omar Betancourt:

His personality changed, he now feels more comfortable and I look forward to seeing what he achieve with this new smile.


I did post a picture of me smiling because it was something I never felt comfortable doing. Before I didn’t have the perfect smile at all, I wouldn’t post a picture like that. It was one of my insecurities that is no longer insecurity. I just can’t think of enough.

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