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Whereas dentures are only temporarily held in place by bonding to your gums, dental implants are a form of tooth replacement procedures that directly attaches deep within your jawbone. The hold for dental implants is enough to ensure they will withstand the test of time and the wear and tear of a fully functioning jaw. For a list of guidelines concerning dental implants, consider this:

— Dental implants can brace your jaw when connected to it.

— When teeth go missing, your facial structure will sink in around your jaw which will cause your face to appear older and weaker. These problems can be corrected and removed with dental implants.

— Food restrictions are not necessary with dental implants because they are attached directly to your jawbone for an ultra-durable hold.

— If you choose to take good care of your implants, they can last an entire lifetime without the need to be replaced.

— If left unchecked, the areas left by missing teeth can become homes for plaque buildup, which can lead to subverted gums and loose neighboring teeth and can even make you look older.

— Dental implants are built to fit into any gaps in your mouth to help complete your smile and give it the aesthetic touch it deserves.

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