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Stonelodge Dental is nestled in the heart of McKinney, TX, and extending our warm welcome to surrounding communities, our clinic stands out with its advanced, state-of-the-art facilities. Here, we've created a family-friendly atmosphere, ensuring an anxiety-free dental experience for all ages. Leading our dedicated team is Dr. Ernesto Prida, a renowned Cosmetic Dentist known for his personalized approach to achieving your dental health goals.

Our commitment at Stonelodge Dental is to offer a comprehensive suite of Dental Services. Specializing in Family Dentistry, we cater to the needs of every family member, providing compassionate care and attention. Recognizing the urgency of unforeseen dental issues, our Emergency Dentistry services are prompt and efficient. Furthermore, our expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry ensures that every smile we craft is as beautiful as it is healthy.

Don't hesitate to call 214-613-1500 today to schedule your appointment! New patients are always a joy for us, and as a testament to our commitment, we ensure to have a new patient appointment available within 48 business hours.

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Call Stonelodge Dental at 214-613-1500 for your dental appointment available within 48 business hours!

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Stonelodge Dental offers premiere dental treatment for every oral need, seamlessly combining exceptional care with a warm family welcome. Hence, if you're seeking top-notch service, book an appointment with the McKinney dentist!

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Providing excellent dental services in McKinney.

Meet Your McKinney Dentists at Stonelodge Dental

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Primary Services

At Stonelodge Dental, our dedicated team prioritizes making your dental visits both efficient and pleasant. We start by attentively listening to your dental goals and swiftly addressing any concerns you might have. This approach includes a comprehensive range of dental services such as dental implants, Invisalign, orthodontics, and tooth extraction. Our dentists will provide clear explanations and answers to all your queries, ensuring you have all the information needed to make well-informed decisions about your treatment options.

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Full Mouth Dental Implants

Are you tired of hiding your gaps? Say goodbye to the embarrassment of tooth loss! In fact, full-mouth dental implants are not just a temporary fix but a permanent solution for your failing or missing teeth. As a result, they will not only restore natural function but also revitalize your beautiful smile.

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Feeling self-conscious about crooked teeth? You no longer have to hide your smile! Indeed, our Invisalign treatment isn't just cosmetic; it's the perfect solution to straighten your teeth. Consequently, this orthodontic set of aligners not only corrects but also allows you to confidently show off your sparkling smile.

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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Are wisdom teeth causing you pain and discomfort? If so, it's essential that you don't wait until the pain escalates or complications arise. At our clinic, we not only provide comfortable wisdom teeth extractions but, for those who may be anxious, low-risk oral sedation is also available to ensure a more relaxed experience.

McKinney Dentist
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Doctor Christina Clark

Dr. Christina Clark has published several articles related to conservative dentistry and recent advances that have come about. Additionally, she is proudly a member of the Texas Army National Guard. She is a Captain and was appointed to be the Officer in Charge of her Houston-based unit this past year. She has received both the Adjunct General Individual Award and The Army Commendation Medal for exceptionally meritorious service while serving as a dental officer.

McKinney Dentist
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Doctor Ernesto Prida

Dr. Ernesto Prida the McKinney cosmetic dentist, graduated from Baylor University's College of Dentistry and serves McKinney, TX, and its surrounding area. When you meet Dr. Prida, you'll notice his undeniable passion for dental care and designing beautiful smiles.

McKinney Dentist
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Doctor Omar Betancourt

Having grown up in a family of orthodontists, Dr. Omar Betancourt was exposed to the importance of helping to build a harmonious smile that can restore an individual's self-confidence. With more than 17 years practicing orthodontics, Dr. Betancourt has a wide spectrum approaching the orthodontic problems of his patients at all ages, from the first pediatric orthodontic treatment (Phase 1 and Phase 2) to the adult who wants to restore or preserve their confident smile.

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Quality Dental Experience in McKinney

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Stonelodge Dental is a state-of-the-art dental facility located in McKinney, TX. Upon entering, you'll feel welcome and comfortable. We cater to all your dental needs such as cosmetic dentistry and emergency dentist with extended hours and comprehensive services.

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Stonelodge Dental the McKinney Dentist - McKinney Dentist Dentist in McKinney

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