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Restorative dentistry encompasses a variety of treatments that restore your smile. While some of these restorative dentistry procedures may seem also like cosmetic dentistry, that is because they can be! It is mixing science with aesthetics to create a lovely, healthy smile.

Do you have gaps in your smile or teeth that are either loose, damaged, or otherwise hampering you from having the smile of your dreams? Do you find that some of your teeth are getting worn down from overuse or that you are having other health issues due to dental problems? If so, Dr. Prida of the McKinney dentist wants to offer you restorative dentistry to give you back a healthy, beautiful smile.

Dental Crowns from the McKinney Dentist at Stonelodge Dental

Porcelain Crown

A porcelain crown also known as a dental crown is used to repair a damaged tooth, reshape a tooth, protect a tooth that has a lot of dental work, and complete dental implants. A dental crown can also be used to secure a dental bridge or dentures, either permanent or removable.

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Dental Implants

A dental implant is a titanium post that replaces the root of a missing tooth. The implant supports dental crowns, dental bridges, or dentures. When placed and fitted properly, the crown, bridge, or denture feels, looks, and functions like your own natural teeth. Because the dental implant procedure doesn't affect any of your healthy teeth, it is a conservative treatment option for replacing missing or broken-down teeth.

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dental implants - McKinney Dentist Dentist in McKinney
Affordable Dentures in McKinney TX


Dentures can replace missing teeth, benefiting both your smile's appearance and your overall health. Dr. Prida at Stonelodge Dental, has provided his patients with natural-looking, functional, and comfortable quality dentures that can last years. He makes sure they fit properly and function correctly so can confidently smile again.

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All on 4 Dental Implants Near Me - All-on-4 from the McKinney Dentist at Stonelodge Dental

All-On-4 Dental Implants

All On 4 dental implants are a type of fixed implant-supported denture that only needs four implants. With the All On Four dental implant technique, you can have your damaged teeth removed, dental implants surgically placed, and a brand new set of teeth installed in a single visit.

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All on 4 Dental Implants Near Me - All-on-4 from the McKinney Dentist at Stonelodge Dental

To get more information about restorative dentistry treatments from Dr Prida, or to schedule a consultation, call or email us today!

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Dr Ernesto Prida

Cosmetic Dentist and General Dentist located in McKinney, TX

Dr. Prida's passion is to not only provide patients with excellent services but also crafting an aesthetically beautiful smile for each person. Since he graduated from dental school, Dr. Prida began to advance his knowledge in cosmetic dental treatments and continued education in dentistry. As a general dentist, Dr. Prida performs regular teeth cleanings and diagnoses problems that patients have with pain and oral health.

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