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porcelain crowns in mckinney texasA natural porcelain crown (your original tooth) is made of white enamel on the outside and yellow dentin supporting the enamel beneath it. The dental crown procedure sometimes called a dental cap, replaces missing or damaged natural tooth structure with tooth-colored materials like porcelain and/or metals such as gold.

Dr. Prida creates dental crowns that are custom made for his patient's and prevent further damage from affecting bone health and nerve functions.

When do I Need a Dental Porcelain Crown?

When a natural crown is severely damaged or weakened by decay, fracture, large fillings or root canal therapy it needs the strength and protection of a dental cap. A weakened or damaged tooth that lacks a strong foundation and the protection of a strong porcelain crown may break in a way that renders it non-restorable and the tooth will have to be extracted. If this is occurring you should visit the McKinney dentist at Stonelodge Dental to fix your tooth.

Crowns are versatile and used to cover and protect teeth in a number of applications such as:

  • Preserving cracked and chipped teeth
  • Restoring worn down teeth
  • Covering teeth with a lot of damage or decay
  • Covering dental implants
  • Rebuilding a tooth after a root canal
  • Improving the appearance of a discolored tooth

Dr. Prida creates the porcelain crown that can hold a cracked tooth together or support and strengthen a natural dental crown that is part of a dental bridge. Crowns help preserve the natural function and position of the teeth. Crowns can also serve a combined cosmetic and restorative purpose when they cover dental implants or correct problems with tooth size, color and shape.

Types of Porcelain Crowns

Dental crowns are cemented directly onto existing teeth or implants. Crowns can be used in dental bridges to correct a gaps in teeth.

  • Ceramic Dental Crowns - Ceramic, porcelain-based crowns are most often used to restore front teeth. Due to their natural color and texture, ceramic crowns are able to blend effortlessly with your remaining natural teeth, and can be given a hint of color to match your natural teeth.
  • Porcelain-Fused to Metal Dental Crowns - Porcelain-fused to metal crowns provide patients with a natural-looking tooth that is ultra-durable.
  • Gold Alloys Dental Crowns - Dental crowns constructed of gold alloys contain a combination of various other metals is strong and will not fracture.
  • Base Metal Alloys Dental Crowns - Base metal alloy crowns are resistant to corrosion and incredibly strong.

Porcelain crowns can be used for a wide range of reasons. Not only do durable crowns protect teeth, fill in gaps, and increase function, they can also give the patient a beautiful smile. The design and placement of your new porcelain crown is typically accomplished within 2-3 weeks.

During your crown placement appointment, Dr. Prida will perform the quality assurance check. He will evaluate the accuracy of fit, functional compatibility and color match with the surrounding teeth. Adjustments, if necessary, will be made and your crown will be polished. Once this has been completed to Dr. Prida's satisfaction you will evaluate the fit, feel and appearance of your new tooth. Then Dr. Prida will cement your new dental cap onto your natural tooth.  Schedule your appointment with Stonelodge Dental today.

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