The Fundamentals of Dental Implants

Whereas dentures are only temporarily held in place by bonding to your gums, dental implants are a form of tooth replacement procedures that directly attaches deep within your jawbone. The hold for dental implants is enough to ensure they will withstand the test of time and the wear and tear of a fully functioning jaw…. Read more »

Your Diet and Oral Health

Did you know, there are foods that can improve your oral health? Well, it’s true! There has been a link to certain foods you can eat and your oral health. That is why, our team here at in , , is happy to talk to you about your diet and how to keep your oral… Read more »

Oral Hygiene: The Way Toward a Healthy Smile

You probably already know that keeping up on oral hygiene is vital for your oral health, but do you know what oral hygiene involves? Oral hygiene is simple and quite easy, but it requires dedication. To help you have a top-notch oral hygiene routine so you can have a top-notch smile, Dr. and our dental… Read more »

A Toothache Could Be Caused by a Dental Trauma That Harms the Pulp

Athletes in contact sports and other rigorous activities are at increased risk of suffering dental trauma. This risk will only be increased, by a failing to use a necessary mouth guard during practice or games. If you’ve suffered recent oral trauma, such as a blow to the mouth like a hard fall or blow to… Read more »

Treat Your Smile to Summer Bliss with Dental Veneers and Crowns

Treat your smile to summer bliss with dental veneers and crowns. Both veneers and crowns are designed to improve the look and function of your smile by changing the appearance of your teeth one at a time. Although both services are directly attached to your teeth, they both do so in differing ways. Dental veneers… Read more »

Can Dental Bridges Save Smiles?

Can dental bridges save smiles? Dental bridges are an amazing tooth replacement service designed to improve your smile without affecting your gums. Unlike dentures, which run the danger of falling out when eating, or dental implants, which require a sturdy jawbone to attach to, dental bridges are linked directly to other teeth in your mouth… Read more »

Can Sugarless Gum Protect Your Mouth from Cavities?

Can sugarless gum protect your mouth from cavities? According to many experiments and studies that were done on the subject, chewing sugarless gum, especially after snacks and meals, can contribute to a healthier mouth and lower the risk for cavities. However, it is important to always use sugarless gum, as the sugars in regular gum… Read more »

Conquer Cavities with Dental Fillings

Have you had a checkup in recent months to check for cavities? Given the proclivity for cavities to spring forth without knowing, you may have a cavity right now. Fortunately, dental fillings can be used to stop the decay and correct the issue. A cavity is caused by the erosion of tooth enamel until a… Read more »

You Can Often Replace a Severely Cracked Tooth with a Dental Bridge

A severe oral trauma caused by an accidental fall or hard blow to the face has the potential to also damage a tooth. In an extreme situation, the force could be sufficient enough to cause a severe dental fracture. If the tooth is shattered or cracked in half or if the socket itself has been… Read more »

Do You Have an Oral Infection? We Can Help!

You probably know that you should visit a dentist if you have an infection. However, did you know that your mouth could be suffering from an infection as well? Typically, there are symptoms you can search for and a few things you might be able to do to cope with these infections. For instance, did… Read more »