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Doctor Prida at Stonelodge Dental

Dr. Ernesto Prida

Dr. Ernesto Prida graduated from Baylor University’s College of Dentistry and proudly serves McKinney, TX and its surrounding area with high-quality dental services from a convenient location. He focuses on continued education in dentistry and implements this innovative knowledge into his practice to ensure you receive the best care. When you meet Dr. Prida, you’ll notice his undeniable passion for dental care and designing beautiful smiles.

Doctor Christina Clark at Stonelodge Dental

Dr. Christina Clark

Dr. Christina Clark has published several articles related to conservative dentistry and recent advances that have come about. She is also proudly a member of the Texas Army National Guard. She is a Captain and was appointed to be the Officer in Charge of her Houston based unit this past year. She has received both the Adjunct General Individual Award and The Army Commendation Medal- For exceptional meritorious service, while serving as a dental officer.
Dr. Omar Betancourt

Dr. Omar Betancourt

Having grown up in a family of orthodontists, from an early age, Dr. Betancourt was exposed to the fact of helping to build a harmonious smile that can restore the individual’s self-confidence. With more than 17 years practicing orthodontics, Dr. Betancourt has a wide spectrum approaching the orthodontic problems of his patients at all ages, from the first pediatric orthodontic treatment (Phase 1 and Phase 2) to the adult who wants to restore or preserve their confident smile.