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Emergency dental care in McKinney

Everyone thinks about their dentist on the day of a scheduled dental appointment. But, if you wake up with tooth pain or have an accident that breaks a tooth, you need to call the McKinney dentist, Ernesto Prida at Stonelodge Dental to get emergency dental care in McKinney.

Dental emergencies are traumatic and can turn a relaxing day into a disaster. While you never know when an emergency will occur, knowing what to do and who to call when one happens will give you the confidence to handle a dental disaster. At StonelodgeDental, we have numerous services to help when you need us most. We offer emergency dentistry in McKinney, and we are here to give you the expert care that you need, when you need it. Don’t wait to call us today to get emergency care!

The most common dental emergencies

Dental emergencies typically fall into one of two categories: infection that usually occurs from poor oral healthcare and sudden physical injury or trauma. If an emergency occurs, you should call us immediately. In the meantime, use these tips on how to handle common emergencies ahead of your appointment at our office.

When do you need emergency dental care?

Understanding the Cost of Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can greatly vary in their cost because of the many different types of treatments that they require. Some emergencies can be treated with simple antibiotics, while others may require restorations like dental crowns or bridges. Because of the many variables that contribute to price, it’s hard to give an estimate without examining your mouth. It’s important that you get the dental care that you need in a time of emergency, which is why our team will do everything possible to provide you with quality and affordable dentistry.

Contact Us with Your Dental Emergency

When you have a dental emergency time is of the essence. Immediate response will reduce your pain and also help provide you with the best possible outcome. Toothaches typically indicate a cavity. Putting off treatment may lead to more intensive and costly treatments. A tooth that is cracked may not hurt and may seem like it’s no reason for alarm. If you do not act on a cracked tooth, it may continue to weaken over time leading to further damage.

Dr. Prida and his team have been providing emergency dental care, preventive, restorative, and cosmetic care to McKinney Texas and the surrounding area for many years. If you’re a current patient or a future patient, we want you in to know that our team will treat your immediate issue in a way that protects and preserves the health of your mouth. For more information, call or schedule an appointment at Stonelodge Dental office today at 214-613-1500.